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About Us

Payment solutions that help our Customers reduce the cost of PCI-DSS.

With MasterCard's and Visa's deadline for implementation of EMV and tokenization fast approaching, CFXWorks focus is to design and develop payment solutions that support these new technologies, will reduce the exposure to fraud and identity theft, and will lower the costs and resources required to comply with PCI DSS.

We strive to produce solutions that will run on your platform of choice, your operating system or choice, your database server of choice, and will integrate with your programming language of choice.

Currently we support Windows, Linux, UNIX and several proprietary IBM platforms including the IBM iSeries. Of special interest to users of IBM H/W and S/W is that our software is certified to run on IBM’s POWER 7 and 8 Platforms!

Before the shift in liability penalty kicks in, or you get hit with fee increases from your processor, call CFXWorks to learn about our EMV and tokenization solutions! We want your business!

Incidentally, we do support merchant efforts to run our solutions in a private cloud. However, for security reasons, we are very concerned about any attempt to deploy payment solutions across a public cloud. We believe that a public cloud environment introduces security, reliability and performance issues that are very high risk for the merchant to assume.

Reduce your exposure to compromise and fraud.

Our Team

Vice President

Chris Nickles
Vice President Development

Implements our websites, the database activities within our products, and is currently working to integrate the Magento shopping cart with our payment and gift card solutions.



Alfred Nickles

Al worked for IBM where he invented several products including MQ Series. He is our chief architect and is responsible for implementing all our payment and gift card gateways and the security features required to support PCI DSS.


Georgia Nickles
Chief Financial Officer

Manages our financial affairs and is responsible for identifying risk, compliance and reducing cost.


Partner Relations

Establishes relations with development partners and independent contractors who do custom design and programming work for CFXWorks and our customers.


Technical Support

Resolves technical issues and responds to questions related to our products.



Responsible for sales, pricing and managing customer and reseller relations.



When you enter personal information on our web site, either by visiting the "Registration" page or by placing an order, you can be assured that our company is the only one who will use it. We do not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any information from our customer database, including e-mail addresses.

Your e-mail address, if you provide one, is stored encryped using 256-bit AES encryption technology in our database. Your e-mail address, will be used to confirm any order you place and to communicate with you, if necessary, about your order. It will also be used to notify you of service updates to the products you have ordered.